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Icontest community dedicated to Joss Whedon's Angel the Series
Welcome to ats_stills , a stillness icon challenge community for Joss Whedon's show "Angel!"

Weekly challenges will be given, revolving around characters, themes, and episodes of "Angel," and voters will determine which icons are best.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact suangelita or post in a comment! Happy icon-making! :)


-All icons must be stills - no animated icons allowed
-Icons must be 100x100, no more than 40kb, and in .png, .gif, or .jpg format, and must conform to LJ standards
Use the caps provided, unless other instructions are given in the individual challenge
-Do not use icons without the icon maker's permission... post requests as a comment after the winners are announced
-You may use textures, blends, colouring, brushes, etc., and are ENCOURAGED to do so... just remember this is a stillness community
-Submit only the number of icons allowed in each challenge (you can submit less, but the maximum is the maximum, or your entire entry is disqualified)
-Post your entry as a comment (they will be screened) with both the image and the URL
-Any icons posted elsewhere before the voting is up and winners are revealed will be disqualified
-You must be a member of the community to participate


-Voting will be done as a comment (they will be screened)
-The number of icons you can vote for will be determined in each individual challenge
-Anonymous voting is not allowed, you must be logged into your livejournal
-Voting will be done in a weighted method... your first choice is worth 3 points, your second 2, and your third 1
-Voting for your own icon will result in your entry being disqualified
-Every week the Mod will pick Mod's Choice, and the Banner maker will pick Banner maker's Choice


-Challenges will go up every Saturday
-Challenges will close on the following Friday at midnight in YOUR timezone
-Poll will be posted on Saturday, and voting will continue until Wednesday at midnight in YOUR timezone
-Results will be posted on Thursday or Friday